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Living on Love blog by Klaus Joehle
Messages from the author of "Living on Love" books
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1st-Nov-2009 03:16 pm - Video with Klaus Joehle online
Klaus Joehle is talking to camera in a video on his shop's webpage:

Klaus Joehle talk about mosaic
So, let’s call this recording “The art of sending love”.

There’re some reoccurring questions that keep coming up and it comes back to one principle: it’s difficult to understand exactly how this sending love works, and when we first start with it we always look to see if it’s working. Unfortunately, at the beginning we can’t always see it working. {and even though, you know} We step out and we send love to an individual, we expect to see some results, we expect to see that person happier or something change in their life right away. And something does change in their life. Sending love works each and every time, no matter what, but we don’t always see it.

Now I’ll try to explain what happens. Recently somebody wrote something in the talk board and this is a perfect example. This individual was sending love to his or her parents and put a real effort into it and was expecting a change. So, the next day after they came from work this individual asked the parents how they were feeling, if the day was any better but the parents responded: “No, the day was not very good” and they were not feeling very good.

You can tell almost instantly from the vibration ...Collapse )

Audio, 6 MB
This audio talk was recorded around June 24, 2006. It was transcribed in 2007 by Maria Faraonova and Kostya Kovalenko.

So, let’s talk about why some beliefs are so hard to change, and [K: why is it] so hard to find out what we believe. ‘Cause really the main issue is we want to achieve certain things in life, get certain experiences, have certain things and it doesn’t quite work because we have beliefs inside of us that turn those things off.

People with beliefs close to surface

So, let’s divide people into two categories. It’s not always fair to do that, more...Collapse )
So, recently on a talkboard I saw something about someone’s prediction of the future of the mankind and it was really doom and gloomy. And I tell you mankind’s prediction isn’t doom and gloomy, it’s quite happy. Yes, there gonna be some rough things we gonna go through, but we have done so for several thousand years. So, it’s nothing new, but this planet, everything will improve more and more year after year. It’s not a gloomy future we have, it’s a very good and exciting future. Anyway, there will be some earthquakes here and there and so forth, we’ve had that for many years, we had droughts and all kinds of things in various parts of the world and that’s nothing new, this goes on thousands of years there’s always weather changes and the beliefs of people drawing things to them. If you can convince a million people in a place of doom and gloom and have them fear for it enough, they’ll all create that doom and gloom for them. And the people that don’t believe it, they will leave and go somewhere else.

So, when you accept that, you begin to accept that into your life. That’s why I always say it’s so important to accept the positive stuff and reject the negative stuff. Even at the worst it’s still better to believe in the positive even though maybe some negative things may be coming in the direction of us, but it’s better to believe in a happy future than in a negative future. And you will create much more wonderful stuff, believing in a happy future than in a negative future.

From the talk "How I created the life I'm living right now. Part 1" by Klaus Joehle
other Island talks by Klaus Joehle
23rd-Dec-2008 10:17 am - Happy Holidays from Roberta Joehle
I was hoping to do a video holiday greeting but time has gotten away from us. We have had an unusual last couple of weeks with the weather here which in itself created some issues for us at the time but all is good. Klaus and I are heading just across on the ferry to spend Xmas Eve with my daughter, soninlaw and grandchild. This is Klaus' gift to me which is the best he could of provided from a Man who likes to stay home. I have not spent a xmas with my children in years and this is it which includes a beautiful grandson so we are looking forward to it very much.

I want to send out a Thank you for all your support and love through this last year, I believe things are moving along great. Klaus is happy with our shop and we signed book contracts with 2 new countries "Estonia and Bulgaria" for The Messenger and a contract with VES Publishing in Russia for Klaus' "Island Talks" book.

We send our love, Joy and Laughter to all of you during this wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

Klaus, Roberta, Flash and Wacko

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30th-Oct-2008 10:05 am - Mosaic in Nanaimo unveiled!

Klaus and Roberta Joehle get the first feel after unveiling Wesley Street’s latest addition Thursday morning – a six-by-seven foot marble mosaic depicting a chef on a bicycle. The mosaic was made from more than 23,000 hand-cut marble and travertine pieces, took more than 400 hours to complete and has an estimated worth of $15,000. The Joehles, who created and donated the piece to the Old City Quarter, are now in talks with the City of Nanaimo to donate a mosaic for the Diana Krall Plaza.

NIOMI PEARSON The News Bulletin
About creating map of the small town in Germany, where Klaus Joehle grew up.
On the picture: Klaus Joehle glues tiny pieces of marble to create a 33-square-foot image of a chef. The mosaic will be installed in the Old City Quarter, across from St. Andrew’s United Church.

The pieces fit

By Melissa Fryer - Nanaimo News Bulletin
Published: September 08, 2008 3:00 PM

Klaus Joehle snaps a piece of pale, beige marble into a one-centimetre cube and glues it to the bottom of a six-foot-high sheet of cardboard.

Only about 20,000 more to go.

Of the thousands of tiny squares already fixed to the sheet you can see the outline of a chef juggling wine and groceries, presumably on his way back to his restaurant.

Once finished Read more...Collapse )
An article at nanaimobulletin.com:

Marble mosaics improve with time
Published: September 08, 2008 3:00 PM

It took two years to develop a cutting style that would allow him to cut small pieces without turning the tile to dust. His juggling chef requires more than 33,000 pieces, none larger than a centimetre.

“You can’t do that on an ordinary tile saw,” Joehle said.

Few schools teach mosaics and guilds are closed to the public. Joehle taught himself to cut tile through a process of trial and error.

“It just takes a long time,” he said. “I’m one of those people who doesn’t give up.”

He also understands why mosaic artists keep their skills and techniques to themselves.

“You go through so much to learn it, to give it away seems senseless,” Joehle said. “I give people other tips.”

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