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Living on Love blog by Klaus Joehle
Messages from the author of "Living on Love" books
"Self-Protecting Beliefs" talk by Klaus Joehle 
22nd-May-2009 11:36 am
This audio talk was recorded around June 24, 2006. It was transcribed in 2007 by Maria Faraonova and Kostya Kovalenko.

So, let’s talk about why some beliefs are so hard to change, and [K: why is it] so hard to find out what we believe. ‘Cause really the main issue is we want to achieve certain things in life, get certain experiences, have certain things and it doesn’t quite work because we have beliefs inside of us that turn those things off.

People with beliefs close to surface

So, let’s divide people into two categories. It’s not always fair to do that, but to simplify this explanation, there are people that you can hypnotize and there’re people who you cannot hypnotize. The ones that you can hypnotize, their beliefs sit fairly close on the surface and their beliefs are quite easily adjusted. (And this is not a bad thing, you know, I’ll explain this to you in a second.) So that makes them easy to hypnotize because their beliefs are close to the surface and so adjustments in what they believe can easily be done.

This is a nice thing in many ways. It’s also a bit a risky thing in this world, because we have a lot of people in this world who would take advantage of someone and so it makes them a little easier to take advantage of. That’s not a bad trait, it’s just one of the consequences of it. But when they see something that clicks true for them like, for instance, let’s say, they read my book “Living on love” and they find out that we have the ability to direct the energy that creates the Universe and everything we see… We have the ability to direct that energy what we call “love” into whatever we want to create, whatever we want to experience in life.

When they see that, it makes sense to them, they adjust their beliefs instantly or very quickly, and they begin to practice it, it works for them, because their belief kicks in the switch that says: “Yes” -- and it starts to work for them and off they go like little butterflies. And immediately their life starts to change and it gets better and better, and the things that they want come to them more quickly and more quickly all the time. And that in itself than also strengthens their belief which then increases the flow.
See, the ability to create what we want by sending love and directing that energy that creates Universes has to be turned on and what we believe turns it on or off. If we believe we have the ability and we deserve it, it turns it on. If we believe it doesn’t work or we believe we don’t deserve it, it’s turned off. And sometimes it’s turned on to a certain degree and then after that turned off.

People with deeper beliefs

Now there’s the other side to the people who you cannot hypnotize. And those are the people whose beliefs are self-protecting. They sit deeper within, they are not very easily changed, they hide themselves and cover themselves to make sure they are not touched or changed. Now this also has a purpose, it makes those people harder to redirect and harder to control and harder to deceive. But it makes also much more difficult for them to change their lives!

So when they find something like sending love and they go: “Yes, this is wonderful! This is the piece of information I’ve been looking for!” -- and there’s a belief that runs against them - that belief begins to hide itself because it’s already threatened and [it] covers itself up and maintains itself.

Then you might say: “Oh, it doesn’t make sense”. Oh, yes, it does. It makes perfect sense, a lot of this gets developed early on when we were children. Some of us have had to put our beliefs and bury them deep down so they could not forcibly be changed. A lot of these beliefs are self-protecting, they actually [K: have] protected us at one time, maintained us and gave us our survival. (Yet further down the road they’ve become the opposite, they actually hold us back.) But they were designed to maintain themselves so no matter what someone tries, no matter how much will they have, or whether they try to physically beat it out of us -- they cannot change it, because those beliefs are sitting in there.

So, when we have that, when we have a person like that who wants to achieve things but has beliefs sitting deep down that won’t allow him to make the change, won’t allow the person to change the financial situation and the beliefs in it then… They sort of become a little bit stuck.

Ask yourself

The only way to get that belief out is to ask yourself. See someone else can say the words what the belief might be and you walk away from it. You listen to it and go: “Yeah, I might believe that or might not”. In you, you actually have something that pulls you away. So even if you pick up a book that’s designed to release those limiting beliefs, something in you will re-wrap and make you put that book down -- because like I said they’re self-protecting and they will protect themselves against any threat, outside threat, whatsoever.

The only way in -- is for you yourself to go in and the only way in -- is to begin to ask questions: “What do I believe?” about a particular subject. And it’s usually best to take a side door. If you’re looking for, let’s say, something about money or relationships, don’t take the direct route, take a little bit of a side route and ask: “What do I believe about this?” And it can be a very simple subject, perhaps, a subject that you’ve been asking questions about, thinking about and just start there, ask yourself: “What do I believe about that? What do I really believe about it?” Be absolutely honest.

This takes a little bit of time, and it takes digging, and it doesn’t come very easily. It takes work. For those of us who’ve buried our beliefs very deeply it can take weeks, even longer to work out, to get in there, because there’re so many layers on top protecting that belief and those beliefs -- that now they’ve become more of a hindrance than anything else. But at one time they had to be maintained at all cost.

How we can use our deep beliefs

See, it may seem unbeneficial to have beliefs that root themselves so deeply. But the good part of that is – if, for instance, you were then finally able to change your belief about financial abundance and really started having a belief about abundance that “money comes to you easily”… I mean, it comes to you so fast and so much that half the time you can’t even find places to put all this money -- you make so much money! Once that belief is set in, it will bury itself in and defend itself and it will stay there the rest of your life, and even an atom bomb won’t be able to get that belief out.

So it’s a matter finding the ones that are now limiting, changing those and leaving the rest in place. Instilling a new belief. And this is not easy, this really does take work. But once it’s in – that’s the beautiful part of it -- it’s in! Nothing will root this thing out. So it will stay in there and any will build itself and strengthen itself.


Whereas if you’re the person that, let’s say, easily hypnotized, your beliefs are easily changed to what you want but they can also easily be disrupted again. But at the same token, you know, either one isn’t any better than the other. It just that either one serves the purpose. And you gonna fall into either in one of those two categories or somewhere in between.

And the reason I used the hypnotizing thing is: that’s the easiest way to discover which side you [sort of] flip on. So, if you’re the type of person that can be hypnotized very easily, you know that your beliefs change easily, so you know that you want to keep your thoughts and what you do and think about towards what you really like and enjoy. And that way your beliefs are maintained on what you want, how you want to experience your life.

If you’re falling the other direction, you know that to change a belief is gonna take some work, you gonna have to go in there and dig it out. That’s not gonna be easy. And some of you are gonna to have to work really, really hard.


When you sit somewhere in between, also this is a grey area you could be half ways in between which makes a little bit harder but not as hard as for some of us.

My beliefs

For myself, most of my beliefs are so deeply buried that you really can’t touch them. Some of them I know of, some of them I’m only slowly now discovering. Some of them, I know, they are buried so deep and are set in so in place that without of those beliefs I wouldn’t be alive today. So, they become very important, but eventually some of them do need to be changed, and do need to be adjusted so that we can move on of our lives.

Change your beliefs yourself

It’s sort of like having armor. At some point we don’t need the armor any more and that becomes a burden where at one time it was a survival thing. It’s like a sword: there comes the time when we don’t really need it any more so it’s best to let go of it -- but if it has tied itself to our arms -- they do not always let go so easily.

So, if you’ve tried many different things in your life, and you feel they failed or if they worked a little bit, and then they just seem to stop working, and it’s not like you’re not trying.

(I mean sometimes people don’t really try. You know, they say they do but five minutes of effort or three days of effort or going to a seminar, getting all hyped up for two days, playing with it for one more week and then letting it go and going back to old patterns – that’s really not trying to make any change, that’s just playing around.)

But if you seriously have been trying to make some changes most likely you have a belief inside of you that’s sitting there. And with all honesty and with all assurance I guarantee you -- that someone else can’t dig it out. ‘Cause it’s there to protect itself. So the minute someone else starts to dig on it you close off. Only you can dig on it. You can do that with someone else by having someone listening and you do the talking and it has to be someone that you feel safe with and can trust. Otherwise the belief will just bury itself. It feels any way that there’s a threat -- you will cover yourself up and just shift around.

Hope that gives you a little bit better understanding of beliefs and why sometimes they are hidden. We’ll talk about it some more later.
22nd-May-2009 06:52 pm (UTC)
Klaus, Thank you very much indeed for this post! I like it very much.

Once I've read , I've realised that I'm a person with self-protecting beliefs, they sit deep inside.

I have one question about asking the questions, by asking yourself "What do I belief about that?" could it also be possible to ask "What do I feel about that?"

22nd-May-2009 07:52 pm (UTC) - Feelings and Beliefs
Don't know what Klaus will say, but I think beliefs and feelings are different.

Still, feelings come from beliefs.
22nd-May-2009 08:26 pm (UTC) - Re: Feelings and Beliefs
привет,Костя! а ты у Клауса не можешь прояснить что же он имел в виду? на сколько я понимаю вы сотрудничаете.
23rd-May-2009 09:28 am (UTC) - Re: Feelings and Beliefs
Привет, Елена!
Конкретно можешь спросить у Клауса сама - его имейл есть на его сайте http://livingonlove.com
23rd-May-2009 09:38 am (UTC) - Re: Feelings and Beliefs
а вот думала,что у него что-то проблемы ведь с написанием, дислексия или что-то в этом роде.а вообще действительно напишу.
22nd-Mar-2010 11:27 am (UTC) - Re: Feelings and Beliefs
believes come from continues pattern of thinking and feelings come from thoughts so they all connected... i believe just work on love and day by day a change will occur.. don't go into details.. it is simple if we take it easy and it can be really hard if we try to be smart and go into details... so just take it easy but the point is that you have to work on that continuously and don't be attached to the results :)
22nd-Mar-2010 11:49 am (UTC) - Re: Feelings and Beliefs
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